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A&P Supermarket Application

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Positions Available at A&P Supermarket:

Starbucks Kiosk Clerk, Produce Clerk, Service Clerk/Porter, Pharmacy Manager, General Merchandise/Non-Food Health & Beauty Clerk, Dairy Clerk, Store Co-Manager, Grocery Clerk, Front End Customer Service Clerk, Frozen Food Clerk, Cashier/Checker, Pharmacy Technician, Journeyman Meat Cutter, Meat Weigher/Wrapper, Meat Case Attendant, Bagger/Carriage Clerk, Front End Manager, Cake Decorator, Sommelier, Store Manager, Pharmacist, Meat and Seafood Clerk, Back Door Receiver, Liquor Clerk, Deli Clerk, Pharmacy Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Starbucks Manager, Utility Clerk, Floral Clerk, Apprentice Meat Cutter, Front End Clerk, Night Stock/Packout Clerk, Salad Bar Clerk, Online Site Manager, Chef

How old to work at A&P Supermarket: 16 years old is the minimum age to work at A&P Supermarket.

A&P Supermarket Business Hours: Mon-Sat 7:00am-10:00pm; Sun: 7:00am-9:00pm

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