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Find a Hair Salon Job today! Looking for a career or even part-time job in a Hair Salon? We have the most popular Hair Salon Employers listed. Many locations looking for full-time or temporary workers. If you want a career in hair styling and salons this is a great place to start your job search. We have employers listed like: Hair Cuttery, HairCrafters, Holiday Hair, SuperCuts, SmartStyle and many more. Download and print job and employment applications for the Hair Styling & Salon job you’ve been looking for. Don’t hesitate to start the career of your dreams right now!

City Looks Application

City Looks Employment

Shampooer, Nail Technician, Receptionist, Hair Stylist
Cool Cuts 4 Kids Application

Cool Cuts 4 Kids Job Application

Hair Stylist, Assistant Manager, Shampooer, Receptionist, Store Manager
Cost Cutters Application

Cost Cutters Application

Manager, Shampooer, Hair Stylist, Receptionist
Dashing Diva Application

Dashing Diva Application

Receptionist, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, General Salon Manager, Nail Technician, Sales Representative, Assistant Salon Manager
Fantastic Sams Application

Fantastic Sams Application

Guest Service Coordinator/Receptionist, Hair Stylist, Esthetician, Facialist, Assistant Manager, Salon Manager, Director of Sales, Stylist/Colorist, Licensed Hairdresser, Hairdresser, Entry-Level Stylist/Colorist, Regional Educator
First Choice Haircutters Application

First Choice Haircutters Application

Manager, Stylist, Area Supervisor, Regional Manager, Receptionist, Assistant Manager
Great Clips Application

Great Clips Job Application

Assistant Salon Manager, Salon Manager, Shampooer, Receptionist, Business Services Specialist, Hair Stylist, Executive Owner
Hair Cuttery Application

Hair Cuttery Application

Assistant Manager, Shampooer, Manager, Hair Stylist, Instructor, Receptionist
HairCrafters Application

HairCrafters Job Application

Receptionist, Colorist, Salon Manager, Shampooer, Hair Stylist, Assistant Manager
Holiday Hair Application

Holiday Hair Job Application

Stylist, Assistant Manager, Shampooer, Manager, Receptionist

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